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Meet the Little Earthlings and get ready to Sparklify! 

Alice the Wonder Why Jackster Millie Moos K.J. Mio Lao Anna Banana

Sparklifying is our way of sending love and positive energy in the form of magical sparkles to everyone and everything around us, making earth a better place!

What is Sparklify?

Sparklify is an original children’s brand, designed to bring kids back to their most natural, rooted state, by teaching them various aspects of Natural Health - from the positive mind-set, the benefits of organic biological foods and proper food combining, holisitic exercise, love of life, nature and fellow Earthlings and to cherish all living things great and small.

Come on guys
Don’t be shy
Give it a try
Let’s Sparklify!

Vibrance Magazine Feature

Love Local Magazine hosting the Sparklify Zone column issue jan/feb





Dunblane Centre Love Local Alice the Wonder Why jackster Millie Moos K.J. Mio Lao Anna Banana